Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility, i.e. CSR – is a modern and fashionable invention of capitalism, a future picture in which the economy, the society and the environment live together in positive symbiosis.

Our company supports the following organizations and programs:

Kultrpart Association

How sustainable is the development without culture? We are totally convinced that it is not at all. Of course, we have to define what we call 'culture'. Culture is almost everything that contributes to our intellectual and spiritual development. For instance, a good film, play or music as well as a delicious meal or wine, and – we hope – health, green value system and equal opportunities. Since January 2009 we have been giving the association support both financial and in-kind.

Szvlapt Foundation

We have been continually supporting the organization since it started in 2007.

Their current project, Jv/Men program was created by the Foundation with the support of Magyar Telekom Nyrt. Our company provides them with devices and our workmates take part in the program as volunteers.

Refuse the plastic bag...

The pharmacies taking part in Szimpatika Program initiated integrating an eco-conscious communication into the campaign. For this reason, we created the 'Refuse the plastic bag!' movement on the homepage of which we focus the attention to conscious customer behaviour.

Sustainability Day

This event is annually organized by Magyar Telekom Nyrt. since 2008. Our company helps with the technical background and communication of the event, as well as providing collaborators.