Our Services

Aeon Productions wishes to provide the best and most creative communication services both in Hungary and across the borders. It is a small but competent team, the members of which know the essence of communications work very well besides their own specialties, thus Aeon Productions can supply its customers with integrated solutions. We meet every possible demand by a work of the highest standards such as PR or marketing tasks, making TV programs or commercials, musical works or graphic design.

Graphic Design

Our company has been carrying out on-air (for television use), off-air (for press) and also on-line (web) projects, advertisements, images and design for several years now. We are looking forward to receiving requests for packages with all three kinds.


Our animators are adept at web (flash) and TV/film (CGI) animation and image manipulation techniques, are familiar with the most recent technologies and follow the international trends. Banners, digital tricks – we have economical solution.

Movie Making

Aeon Pruductions' staff does not only know the technological side of movie and TV-program making, but can also provide the customers with creative and thematic suggestions, so that our movies and programs meet the requirements of international standards. Members of our team with many years' experience have already shown their talent in several Hungarian and international productions.

Sound Recording

In the past years, several albums and soundtracks were produced in the studios of Aeon Pruductions. Our professional equipment provides recording technology and mastering that meet international standards.

Web Development

Our web designers have a real story of success: they have met a lot of technological challenges and carried out many creative tasks successfully. The team which has got both Hungarian and foreign experts as members not only can do programming and software making, but also work with web 2.0 sites and develop community portals, blogs and interactive interfaces.

Event Organizing

Aeon Events provide its partners with a team which can handle with the all-inclusive executing of communication campaigns and also of events either in connection with these, or separate.

Online Live Broadcast

Live broadcasting used to be the privilege of leading television companies; however, due to broadband internet connection it is now also available for those preferring cost effective solutions. By the internet based picture transfer techniques used by our colleagues, arbitrary number of viewers can follow a live event such as lectures, concerts, outings, conferences - even on the customer's homepage itself.